Wanna know how Skydiving feels like?

Freedom. Breathlessness. Strong forces of wind. The feeling closest to flying and seeing the world with a whole new perspective. 

That’s how I would like to describe skydiving. 

To be honest, I was always jealous of birds because they can fly, and I can’t. 

But when I tried skydiving, it gave me that perspective I had been looking for, for so long. 

Was I scared the first time I decided to jump? Maybe a little, but I knew nirvana was just a step away, so I gathered all the courage and made that jump. The jump I was yearning for, for years. To see the beauty of the world, and how small a part of the world we are, yet we hold the power to change things with our mind. Such an amazing feeling it was! 

I guess I already answered how I felt while skydiving, and no it does not feel like falling at all. All I experienced was the strongest force of wind and saw breathtakingly stunning views. The beauty I hadn’t imagined ever. The kind of beauty that inspires you. 

When you are free falling at around 120 miles per hour (193 kms per hour), your brain is mostly engaged in trying to comprehend what you are seeing and feeling, and tries to communicate that with you. Isn’t it extremely intriguing? Brain trying to connect the feelings and the amazing views you gather at such an amazingly fast pace, and has some issues doing it extremely comprehensively. 

I felt the freefall – to me it was something magical. Like my brain, unable to comprehend everything is stuck somewhere and my body is free. It’s something so difficult to explain in mere words, but let’s try, shall we? It’s like the brain is staring down at the ground trying to figure out what’s really happening as you fall from the airplane, and your body has already exited, leaving your mind some place else. 

Your body is free and you experience just wind and the adrenaline rushing all inside your body. 

It was only when the parachute opened that my brain could start to get a sense of what was really happening, in a very very amazing way!

Hold on a moment, and imagine this experience playing in your head – like maybe a scene from a movie? Man, isn’t it amazing? 

Those 60 seconds, and 14,000 fts were way beyond any description. No words can do any justice to them. The gazillion sensations in your body, and the adrenaline is not something some words could capture, but you get the hang of it.

The beauty, the freedom, the breathlessness, the strong wind, the adrenaline rush and the sense of being truly yourself, detached from everything, just an entity in this amazingly beautiful world. A small entity, who holds the power to do wonders. That’s what skydiving is to me. 


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