Why I work on Python?

The reasons I love working with Python are:

– It is so easy to code on Python (and even learn). Comprehensively understanding  and learn basic Python syntax is very easy, as compared to other popular languages like C, C++, and Java.  However, mastering the packages, concepts and modules will take some time.

– Python is as simple to read and understand as English. No semicolons, no brackets (I love this language)!

– I love how portable it is. If you write the code on a Mac, and want to run it on windows or Linux; boom; pull out the code and run it – without making any changes to it. How awesome is that?

– Python being high-level makes it easier as we (as programmers) don’t have to remember the system architecture.

– Support for the GUI or Graphical User Interface. It’s so user-friendly in Python.

– It is so easy to write, just in a few lines of code, we can perform complex tasks.

– Python is not converted into computer code before it is run, as it is an interpreted language. There is no compilation step in Python.

– Also, the development cycle (edit/test/debug) goes faster.  However as every coin has two sides, this awesome speed of development does come at a cost: once constructed, a Python program typically runs slower as compared to Java or C++. Java or C++ could be several times faster, although, at workplaces where the speed of development is essential, Python shines!

– It is open source!

– It is interpreted (code runs line by line and not the entire code at once).

– It supports both object-oriented and procedure-oriented programming.

– And Python has AMAZING libraries! For each and every purpose you want.



One response to “Why I work on Python?”

  1. Harshit Sharma avatar
    Harshit Sharma

    Your experience can be seen by anyone I really admire you especially your data science field coz m also the enthusiast in this field


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