Freedom = Success?

What’s freedom to you? (Maybe think for a moment)

To me – it’s everything. It’s my end goal, it’s the equivalent of success to me, it’s what I am seeking.

A small word right? Let me tell you want it means to me. To me, freedom is the choice to make my own decisions, the choice to say ‘naah’ and not question myself afterwards. (If you know what I mean)

And most importantly, freedom is what I feel when I travel SOLO.

That’s when I feel the most like myself. Travelling like a complete nomad, with rucksack on my back, eating cheap food, sleeping in the dorms, going to bars and dancing fuck out. Meeting strangers, who turn friends, and who stay friends for years! Trying food from different cultures, in different countries. Exploring new places, and getting lost sometimes. Ah, that’s freedom to me!

Doing what I love is freedom.

It need not to be something as big as going on a solo trip. It could be me just stealing some time from a hectic work day to read something I really enjoy. (while drinking Coca Cola, of course)

Or well, sometimes it could just be drinking Coca Cola with some people I love.

Ain’t it simple?

So freedom = success for me, which is simple; so I am successful? I guess so.

I mean for me; it’s more like 1+1-1-1+1=1; rather than 2+3-4+6+1-7=1. What I mean is, there are setbacks (the -1s) but you’ll bounce back and definitely achieve what you want, just some smart & hard work (after you identify your true calling).

And if I did the math wrong, that does NOT mean I am a robot, that’s just means that I am not as smart as I have written below, so stay tuned until the end – and don’t scroll down and cheat. ( I am trusting you guys with this, literally)

I mean, I guess all us are pretty successful, we’ve been all fighting our battles, mentally, psychically, emotionally. We have our own definitions for success.

Also, regarding success, I personally like to keep the bar low. As another thing I have learnt about success is, that it’s temporary. So I’d rather do those small things over and over again and feel successful, rather than waiting for that one dream of mine to come true. A very personal opinion though.

What I mean by this is, maybe I want to win the best AI scientist award, and I get it (claps please), and soon someone else will. It can’t lead to daily motivation. Goals that high, in my opinion are great to have, but success actually lies in much smaller things. Again, it’s a very personal opinion, and I respect everyone’s opinion, and perspective on it.

P.S. – Naah, I am not rich, I am just smart (hahaha, joking) – went to present a paper in Europe on a completely sponsored trip. Loved it so much, that I decided to live there permanently!

What does success mean to you? I would really love to hear that from you guys 🙂

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