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20 April 2018, I was in the 3rd year of my undergrad and had some exam going on, when I heard the news of Avicii passing away.

I cried of course, I remember listening to ‘Wake me up” on loop that day. I know he still lives in our hearts, and his music is something so close to a lot of us. 

His songs have this rare beauty that I don’t even want to try to articulate in a few words.

He was 28, rich, famous, successful (professionally). He was one of the most amazing song-writers, he was on a vacation in Muscat. And he took his own life. 

Imagine what he must be going through? The mental trauma he might be facing. 

I can’t even imagine what might be going on in his head. But I feel sorry that although he so openly mentioned about his problems, begged for help, he DID NOT get it. At least not on time. But now, hopefully because of him millions of others will.

And that’s not it; every year, more than 1,000 boys and men (only) in Sweden take their own lives. About 14 percent of the population has at some point had some thoughts of taking their own life. Suicide is the leading cause of death among men up to the age of 44.

Suicide can be impulse acts and is not just a loss of ONE person, imagine the trauma for those left behind. It can break families, and leave them shattered forever.

Suicide can be triggered, for example, by a difficult life event such as a separation, death, illness or financial problems. We can pay some attention and check on people in case someone close to you changes behaviour; withdraws, becomes absent, aggressive or drinks more alcohol.

The ability to talk about mental health, the freedom and slight comfort can make a lot of difference, it can save lives.

If you think you are suffering yourself and need some help, please don’t keep your thoughts to yourself. There’s help to be had. You’re not alone.

Let’s start by talking about it, by discussing mental health, having a quick chat or a fika. Let there be concurrences and some disagreements. But maybe that’s the best way to start?

The iconic Ericsson Globe in Stockholm becomes Avicii Arena. A part of a bigger project to prevent suicide and mental illness among young adults. ◢ ◤

Please visit https://aviciiarena.se to see the amaaaazing work they are doing!

This is the Avicii Arena. Source: https://aviciiarena.se/en

Also the work https://www.timberglingfoundation.org is doing is so great.

All I can say is; “I can’t tell where the journey will end, but I know where to start” (~wake me up, Avicii)

Tack för att du läste, låt oss prata om mental hälsa. Nå mig när som helst! Hejdå!

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