What Can you Learn from Itachi’s Character in Naruto?

Who likes #naruto

I’ve loved Naruto’s character, extremely inspiring and relatable. 

But I’m sure like many people my favourite was Itachi Uchiha ( Japanese: うちは イタチ), His character shows courage, resilience, love, loyalty and sacrifice. 

What are some quotes you like from the Naruto series if you’ve watched it? 

One of my quotes I love is a quote by Itachi Uchiha! (down below)

Also the quote is japanese is : 私たちがまだ見て知らないことを恐れるのは愚かなことです。

Itachi Uchiha

“Growth occurs when one goes beyond one’s limits. Realizing that is also part of training.” This one of the statements from Itachi Uchiha. 

Take a moment and think how true this is. How important is it to push ourselves, to expand our comfort zone. 

How important it is to be courageous, learn and grow. 

Let’s focus a little bit on this diagram here, which shows 4 zones, namely the comfort zone, the fear zone, the learning zone and the growth zone. 

Source: Pshycology,com

So when leaving the comfort zone, fear can be a necessary step in order to go to the learning and growth zones.

Now, comes the most important point, how would you go from comfort zone to the fear zone? The answer is : Courage. 

It’s very normal to be anxious while doing so, yet it would be so rewarding when you learn something new or deal with new challenges, and gain the confidence as a result of those activities. 

After a learning period, a new comfort zone is created, or your own comfort zone is extended. That’s how you grow. 

P.S. – I painted Itachi’s portrait! (which was on my room’s wall for months)

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