Let’s talk about Mental Health

I recently joined as a Facilitator for Mental Wellness Society in Sweden, however, this is a cause close to my heart for years.

Do you know most of the mental health issues occur because someone has gone through some horrifying trauma? 

Why is there a stigma around mental health? 

Aren’t we supporting the abuser by creating that stigma around mental health disorders? 

So many people suffer in silence, aren’t these stats alarming to you? You see someone laughing and the next moment they could be thinking about self harm. So many people harm themselves while battling with mental health issues and suffer in silence.

Someone asked me how can they support the cause of mental health?And if their actions will make a difference? 

You can help someone you know identify the mental illness, you can encourage them to seek treatment (therapy and/or medication), for them each and every day is different in their head – you can provide them emotional support. 

You can help someone suffering from a mental health issue by making them feel safe and comfortable. By not assuming that it’s a phase and they’ll be okay if they do something they like. By actually sometimes listening to them, and just being there for them. 

Let’s join hands and help those who are suffering with mental health disorders. 

Let’s raise our voices against the abusers. Let’s unite against them and support the people suffering from any mental health issues!

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