Job Search? Let’s discuss!

Looking for a job? 

My learnings: Patience is virtue, networking is king. 

A quick rewind to the summer of 2020, when I was looking for the perfect job for me. 
I networked and approached people with whom I wanted to work with. Most replied, some didn’t. 
Some were looking for my skills, fixed the interview. 
Some went well, some didn’t. 
I heard back from most of them. Now to round 2 of the interview. 
It was actually fun, obviously I got rejected from a few places (due to visa issues, me not having enough experience, blah blah), some didn’t have the perfect position for me, until I found the perfect workplace for me.  

It takes a little bit of time in most cases. Be patient. Enjoy the process, I sure did. I made some good connections and some friends during the process. 
I used to be frustrated too, didn’t have much money, didn’t know what would happen next, was tired of interviews, but now it all seems like a beautiful rollercoaster ride. 

This was solely my experience, and you might have faced different situations, feel free to share them here.

I understand some people would be struggling too much and let’s try and help others out, let’s build a network where we can rely on each other for support. 

What was my experience with the interviews? 

To be honest, it was fun! When I was looking for a job, I enjoyed all the interviews except one. 

It wasn’t like a torturous Q&A session, it was both parties trying to understand each other. I had to like my employer as much as they like me, right? 

It used to be a nice discussion, where they try to find out what interests me, how will I fit in the team, my attitude and passion towards the role. But it’s also me accessing if this is really where I can grow and contribute. 

It’s always a two-way street. And actually it’s very easy to redirect the interview towards the direction you want once you are calm and comfortable talking to your interviewer. Just think of it as discussing some topic with an acquaintance and let your thoughts flow. 

Also, always carry a pen and paper to the interview, sometimes you might need to illustrate something in order to explain it, and it’s good to be prepared. 

Also, ask questions, as I said it’s a two way process, ask any questions you have. Shows that you can process things fast and are actually serious about the position. 

All the best to all in the interview process! Please feel free to share your experiences as well 😀

Motivation during job search.

Isn’t that something we lack at times, but also something that’s extremely required?

What helped me the most was having a group of supportive people in my life. 

They stuck by through everything. There were times I was stressed about it, cried about it, shared my experiences, honestly spoke to them about the super boring redundant stories of what was happening in my life. But they stuck around, and they always motivated me. 

They believed in me when I needed it the most. They encouraged me to believe in my skills. 

They used to be like “tera toh ho hi jayega”, (meaning: You’ll do it), in the most casual, carefree and confident way. 

Don’t ever underestimate the value of support and how important it is. To me, it did wonders, and I absolutely love those people. 

All the best in this process of job search!

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